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Vasectomy support and decision-making

People choose to have a vasectomy for different reasons. A vasectomy may be the right decision if:

  • You do not want any more biological children
  • You do not intend to ever have biological children
  • You do not wish to freeze your sperm for possible later use
  • You want permanent contraception

Vasectomy is considered permanent sterilisation and having a reversal does not guarantee later fertility or conception. If unsure about whether to go ahead or not, talking with family, work mates your GP, or a partner can help.

Having a vasectomy is your choice, and you should not be pressured by anyone about your healthcare decisions. MSI Australia offers Pro Choice counselling if you would like to talk about any concerns or worries related to your decision.

Are you aged 25 to 30 years, with no biological children and wanting a vasectomy?

Research* indicates people under 30 years who have a vasectomy, later report higher rates of regret, than do people over 30 years who have a vasectomy. If you are under 30 years, before a vasectomist can assess your referral, we require you to attend a mandatory session with one of our Pro Choice counsellors. This is an opportunity to discuss your decision, and for us to ensure you are fully informed.

To organise a Counselling Intake appointment

Call our National Contact Centre on 1300 003 707 or book online, for an appointment with a Counselling Intake Officer.

This is not the actual counselling. It is a short appointment to collect your information and provide an appointment time that best suits you.

Please note sessions are offered between 9-5pm (AEST), Monday to Friday. Our counsellors cannot provide medical advice. To book a chat with a nurse for information about the procedure and recovery, please use this link.