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Support the Australian Choice Fund

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When you give someone reproductive choice, you give them the power to determine their own future.

Our MSI frontline staff are nurses, midwives, and doctors working around Australia to make reproductive choice possible.

In many places in Australia, abortion care is still taboo. Some people and providers still hide their work from their families, and many face opposition and stigma every day for giving women access to the reproductive health services they want. They bravely step out every day, to give women and girls control over their futures.

Australian Choice Fund

As a non-profit healthcare provider, we use donations to our philanthropic Australian Choice Fund to directly fund abortion and contraception for women and pregnant people in Australia who are experiencing financial hardship and other barriers.

We help women and pregnant people who:

• have been turned away from public hospitals, Catholic hospitals, private hospitals and GPs

• experience financial hardship, which is on the rise in this cost of living crisis

• experience or are escaping sexual, domestic or family violence

• are homelessness or/and

• experience mental health issues.

Your donation will provide women and pregnant people in desperate need:

 Abortion of choice

 Contraceptive of choice

 Pregnancy choices counselling for people needing to consider their options, including abortion, adoption, care, kinship care and parenting

Donations of AU$2 or more are tax deductible.

Increasing demands

We do not have the resources to respond to increasing demands for financial support post pandemic. Please consider donating or fundraising to support so that we can continue to provide vulnerable women and pregnant people safe access to contraception and abortion care.

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