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We are Australia’s leading specialised non-profit advocate and provider of abortion and contraception services

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MSI Canberra Clinic now offers FREE abortion care and long-acting reversible contraception services at the time of abortion to all ACT residents, including those on temporary visas. Call now to book with us.

Our services

As an independent, non-profit organisation, MSI Australia is Australia’s only national accredited provider of abortion, contraception and vasectomy services, and the country’s longest running provider of teleabortion.

We are the fiercely pro-choice, non-judgemental, holistic health provider, supporting individuals to access their sexual and reproductive health and choices safely. Our clinical expertise, recovery focussed client journey, and values-led approach combine to deliver safer clinical outcomes and client wellbeing.

Family planning and abortion clinics

MSI family planning and abortion clinics provide specialised, accredited contraception, vasectomy, medical abortion and surgical abortion services across Australia.

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Surgical abortion

Surgical abortion in a MSI accredited day surgery with a doctor specialised in abortion care. Sedation options and some evening appointments available.

More About Surgical Abortion

Abortion by Telehealth

Abortion (teleabortion) in the privacy of your own home with our nurses on call at all times. Have your script consult and medically required follow up in-clinic or over the phone.

More About Teleabortion

Reliable contraception

Have reliable, long-acting and reversible contraception such as an IUD or implant fitted by a specially trained nurse or doctor. Twilight appointments and sedation options available.

More About Contraception


Safe, painless, no-scalpel vasectomy, performed by a specialist vasectomy doctor using minimally invasive techniques. No referral required. Sedation options available.

Learn More About Vasectomies

Our standards

We understand that our patients are different and that people need and expect a high and consistent standard of care, especially regarding their sexual and reproductive health.

Providing timely, supportive, non-judgemental care as safely as possible is what we stand for. All MSI Australia day surgeries are fully accredited against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, which the Australian Commission sets on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC). These standards are mandatory for public and private healthcare facilities.

We monitor our performance, providing high-quality healthcare through several safety measures, including clinical supervision and regular clinical audit.

Read more about Our Standards.

Costs and prices

MSI Australia is a non-profit private healthcare provider. Our national network includes medical clinics and centres and accredited day surgeries.

Medicare-eligible patients

Medicare-eligible patients must provide their Medicare number and month/year of expiry at the clinic on the day of attendance. We will submit Medicare claimable items on your behalf.

Private health insured patients

You must provide us with your private health insurance details, including the Fund name and membership number. In addition, you must show your membership card on the day of attendance at the clinic.

Most of our day surgeries will submit a claim to your private health insurer for the cost of related expenses on your behalf. You will be required to pay any out-of-pocket costs on the day of your admission.

Medical and sedation fees for those attending our day surgery facilities are included in the cost of the procedure. This will be quoted when you make an appointment and confirmed on the day of your appointment.

Financial hardship

Clients on low incomes or experiencing financial hardship may struggle to meet medical costs. If you are concerned about your ability to pay for quoted costs, please let our team know.

MSI Australia may be able to connect you to financial support or funding options if you meet the criteria is important to note that lines of support and their availability will vary per State and are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Read more about Financial hardship support.

Give people a choice

MSI Australia is firmly pro-choice. We believe that everyone should have the right to decide what happens to their body and work to support all genders in taking control of their reproductive safety, choices and future.

As a result, we create a safe space for people to discuss their options and choices with experts who offer safe procedures that will ensure the health of the communities we serve.

Make a booking with MSI Australia today

To book a service, please use our online booking system. No referral is required, except for some publicly funded services. However, please note that you may be asked to pay a booking fee for any confirmed bookings. You can locate our booking fee terms and conditions here.

For enquiries outside of these hours, you can leave a message using the Get In Touch form or by leaving a voicemail on 1300 315 664. One of our consultants will respond to your enquiry within our operating hours.

If you’ve had a procedure and have any concerns, please call the Free aftercare service.