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Why Counselling Can Positively Influence Your Experience of Abortion Care

7 May, 2024 | Abortion, Advice, Blog, Counselling


Considering an abortion can be a difficult and emotional experience. There’s a lot to think about, and it’s perfectly reasonable to feel overwhelmed. Not everyone has a trusted person to talk things over with. That’s why having access to professional, pro choice counselling matters. The way a Counsellor approaches your situation can mean the difference between feeling heard and supported, or feeling judged and made to feel guilty. Counselling is self care. It can positively impact your emotional and psychological wellbeing at a time when you may feel stuck and alone.

Understanding your situation

If you choose to proceed with MSI Australia’s counselling services, your first contact with Counsellors is through our Counselling Intake Worker. This is a very important part of the process, to help identify the counselling best suited to your needs. You are welcome to ask questions about our service and we offer resources to help you get started on the counselling journey.

A Counsellor will first ask about your unique situation. They’ll create a safe, respectful, and confidential space where you can openly discuss your thoughts and feelings without judgement. This might involve asking about:

  • The reasons involved in your decision: Perhaps it’s financial concerns, relationship issues, or simply not feeling ready for parenthood. Your Counsellor is trained to guide you through the many and sometimes conflicting factors you’re dealing with.
  • Your emotional state: Considering an abortion can bring up a range of emotions, like sadness, anxiety, relief, or even guilt. A Counsellor will validate your feelings and help you process them in a healthy way. We can discuss additional support in your local community as well.
  • Your support network: Do you have friends, family, or a partner you can confide in? The Counsellor can help you identify your support system and if you wish, explore ways to communicate what is going on for you, with others. Your safety is our priority and we can help if you tell us you feel unsafe at home or in a relationship.

Non-directive counselling

MSI Australia Counsellors offer non-directive counselling when you haven’t yet made a decision about continuing with a pregnancy or having an abortion. This means they won’t tell you what to do, rather help you understand how and why you’re placing value on some choices and not others. They’ll ask open-ended questions, provide information, and empower you to make the choice that’s best for you, at this time in your life. You are never pressured to conform to other people’s needs or beliefs.

Support-based counselling

This approach acknowledges that pregnancy and abortion issues can bring up strong emotions, both before and after a procedure.
Here’s how support-based counselling can help:

  • Processing emotions: Together, you can explore and process feelings of guilt, sadness, loss, anger, or relief that may come up.
  • Increasing resilience: You can learn ways of reducing distress and staying well.

Respecting your choices and values

A pro-choice, professional Counsellor will respect your reproductive rights, your cultural diversity, religious beliefs, sexuality and gender. They will champion your right to feel safe and healthy in your body. Knowing that your Counsellor respects your individuality and your unique story can go a long way when navigating abortion care.

Additional support

Remember, counselling is just one aspect of the holistic care we provide. MSI Australia connects you with additional resources, such as:

  • Financial hardship information: Our case managers can answer questions about the cost of the procedure and if eligible, help you find financial assistance.
  • Referral links: If you need additional support beyond counselling, they can connect you to services such as mental health services, grief and loss groups, family and children’s services, or abortion peer support.

You’re not alone

Deciding your pregnancy options can be challenging, but you don’t have to do this alone. Counselling and Case Management services like those offered by MSI Australia provide invaluable support and guidance.

Please be aware some groups offering “pregnancy counselling” are in fact Anti Choice.  A pro-choice Counsellor will assist you without pressure or judgement, to make an informed decision about what is best for you. This approach helps you to navigate pregnancy options decision making, with more confidence and self compassion.