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HomePregnancy options counselling

HomePregnancy options counselling

Pregnancy options counselling

Pregnancy options counselling is a model of non-directive decision-based counselling. It is a focussed conversation in which all pregnancy outcomes are discussed including abortion, adoption, care, kinship care or parenting. The counsellor supports and listens to concerns without encouraging one option over another.

Decision-making can be an emotional process, whether you are working through making a decision or have already made a decision. While some people can ask a partner, friends or family for advice, others may be unable to do so. Reasons often include conflict over the decision, fear of abuse, financial worries, lack of friends and family close by, or fear of being judged. It can be useful to talk to someone outside your situation.

We are pro-choice, which means we believe you have the right to choose what is best for your body.

The importance of choice

In Australia, counselling is not a fully regulated industry. This makes it easy for a person or service provider to offer pregnancy options counselling without the appropriate training or registration.

There are several national and local anti-choice organisations that claim to provide ‘non-directive’ or ‘unbiased’ counselling services. Many of these organisations are funded by anti-choice entities from Australia and overseas. They provide inaccurate medical information about pregnancy and abortion; they misinform people about the amount of social and financial support available to them and can be deliberately misleading about symptoms, processes and side-effects of abortion care.

Please research the organisation or hotline you’re calling. You have the right to not be manipulated. You are entitled to receive information that is accurate and complete so that you can make an informed decision about your healthcare.

Where can I find pro-choice, pregnancy options counselling?

There are several organisations that provide free, pro-choice pregnancy options counselling throughout Australia. Your local community health service or your GP can refer you to accredited Medicare providers who have completed a specific training course.

You can also contact us. Our Social Workers provide pro-choice, non-directive counselling about all pregnancy options.

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