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Refer a patient to MSI Australia

HCP referring family planning services

There are several ways to refer a patient to MSI Australia. In Western Australia, it is a legal requirement for any person seeking an abortion to have a letter stating they discussed their decision to terminate with their doctor.

In most other states and territories, clients can self-refer but it can assist with timely access to have a formal referral and any clinical investigations performed provided to us.

We have the following options, to help make referring to our services simple and easy.

Paper-based referrals

Your guide to referring to family planning services

Whether you refer your patients on, or prefer to provide medical abortion, vasectomy or contraception services through your own practice, our Guide to referring to family planning services can help to know what the concerns of patients are when accessing this type of care.

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Referrals using your practice management system

You can upload referral templates into your system using the rich text format documents below.

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