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Follow-up self-assessment instructions

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Follow-up self-assessment instructions

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Aftercare: Our free aftercare service 1300 888 022 connects you to experienced registered nurses, 8am-5pm on weekdays.

Follow up after medical abortion is essential to make sure the abortion has been successful and that there are no complications. We have provided you with a pregnancy test to do 14 to 21 days after Step 1 of your treatment. Please do not do the test any sooner than 14 days after your treatment. The instructions on how to do this test are shown below.

Please record the following information in case you need to contact us:

  • Date of Step 1 (mifepristone)
  • Date of urine pregnancy test
  • Pregnancy test result (Positive / Negative / Invalid).

Even if your pregnancy test is negative, you could still be pregnant or have complications so please call our Aftercare service on 1300 888 022 if you answer YES to any of the following:

  • My bleeding was less than my normal period in total
  • I have not had a period within 6 weeks of my treatment
  • I still have pregnancy symptoms such as tender breasts or feeling sick (nausea), or my tummy is growing
  • I have persistent bleeding heavier than a period
  • I have strong abdominal (tummy) pain
  • I have a fever or feel tired or generally unwel.

If the pregnancy test is Positive or Invalid or you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or are concerned in any way, please call our aftercare service on 1300 888 022. We will discuss what happens next. This may include arranging further tests (for example a blood test or ultrasound scan), or review in one of our clinics or with a health practitioner close to you.

Home pregnancy test instructions

Check4® is a urine pregnancy test for use after an abortion to check that the treatment has been effective.

You may only do this test between 14 to 21 days after Step 1 of your treatment. Please do not do the test any sooner than 14 days after the treatment.

It is best to do the test first thing in the morning, as your urine is more concentrated.


Do either A or B.

A: Hold the thin, absorbent tip of the test directly in your urine stream for 5-10 seconds (take care that no urine enters the test window).


B: Collect your urine in a clean and dry container. Dip the absorbent tip into the urine for at least 5-10  seconds in order for it to be completely soaked.

Use either method A or B to begin the test

To begin the test, do either A or B.

THEN, after you have done A or B, do this: Place the test on a flat surface, window side up and wait 5 minutes then read the result.

Do not check before 5 minutes has passed, or after 10 minutes has passed as the result will NOT be valid.


Negative test result

Negative test result

Only one pink coloured band appears in the Control window (the smaller window) and no band appears in the Test window (the largest window). The test is negative.

Negative: ONE pink line in the smaller window (the handle end).

Positive test result

Positive test result

TWO pink lines can be seen, one in each window.

Invalid test result

Invalid test result

No pink lines at all OR one pink line in the larger window.


If your test is Positive or Invalid please call our Aftercare service on 1300 888 022.

This page last edited: April 2023
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