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HomeTeleabortion services

HomeTeleabortion services

Teleabortion Services

Medical Abortion by Phone

Medical abortion by phone

Your reproductive choice, made easier

Teleabortion is a safe, private way to terminate an early pregnancy at home with medication. You do not need to visit a clinic or pharmacy. An ultrasound at the nearest imaging service is all that most people need to proceed.

Our teleabortion service is the longest running service of its kind in Australia. Our team of medical professionals are medical abortion experts committed to providing non-judgemental healthcare.

For more information about our home abortion service watch our short video MSI Australia Teleabortion Explained and further information below. To make an online booking click here now.

We have established strict protocols and standards for medical abortion treatment and are proud of having led the way in medical abortion care in Australia.

It can be hard to know how to support someone who has had an abortion, so we put together a guide for anyone who wants to learn more about providing timely and empathetic emotional support.

How much does a teleabortion cost?

The prices shown below are based on the lowest prices nationally for Health Care Card holders. Visit the prices page to understand the factors that influence cost, or contact us to get an exact price based on your circumstances.

For comparison, the cost of a Medical Abortion in Clinic is also shown below. For further information, please refer to our Abortion Services page.

    Types of Abortion


    A medical abortion by phone, also known as teleabortion, provides a more private way to terminate an early pregnancy up to 8 weeks gestation with medication without visiting a clinic.

    Medical abortion

    Medical abortion is a safe and effective method of terminating an early pregnancy, up to 9 weeks gestation, using medication rather than surgery. Medical abortion is also known as non-surgical abortion and is available in-clinic across Australia.

    Surgical abortion

    Surgical abortion is a safe and straightforward day-surgery procedure most often performed in the first trimester up to 14 weeks gestation. Second-trimester abortion up to 20 weeks is available in most states and up to 24 weeks in limited states but requires a more specialised procedure.

    Benefits and risks of medical and surgical abortions.

    For a detailed comparison of the two methods, read Understanding your options: surgical abortion vs medical abortion.


    • Up to 8 weeks gestation
    • No referral required
    • Ultrasound through local imaging provider
    • Phone or video consultations with a doctor
    • Support person recommended for Day 2
    • 1-4% incomplete abortion risk
    • Medium to heavy bleeding
    • Variable pain
    • Self-managed follow up.

    Medical abortion

    • Up to 9 weeks gestation
    • No referral required, except WA
    • Ultrasound in clinic
    • In person consultation with doctor
    • Support person recommended for Day 2
    • 1-4% incomplete abortion risk
    • Medium to heavy bleeding
    • Variable pain
    • Self-managed follow up.

    Surgical abortion

    • Up to 22 weeks in some states
    • No referral required, except WA
    • In a licensed day surgery
    • Sedation or local anaesthetic
    • Support person required for pick-up
    • Less than 2% incomplete abortion risk
    • Light bleeding
    • Follow-up not usually required.

    What kind of abortion can I have?

    There are gestation limits on which kind of abortion you can have in Australia. To check which abortion methods are available to you, use our gestation calculator by entering the first date of your last period. This will provide you with a gestation estimate in weeks and days, which will later need to be confirmed by an ultrasound.

    Contact our friendly staff

    Make an abortion appointment, suited to your needs

    What to expect at your appointment

    Process for medical abortion by phone

    You may be eligible for a medical abortion by phone if you:

    • Are over 16 years of age
    • Live in the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, New South Wales, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria or Western Australia.
    • If you live in Western Australia, you will require a referral from your GP
    • Live within 2 hours of 24/7 emergency medical care such as a hospital emergency department
    • Can understand and speak English (interpreter unavailable for this service)
    • Have access to the internet
    • Are no more than 8 weeks pregnant (56 days) at the time of your consult by phone with the doctor


    1. You have an ultrasound, using the forms we send you.
    2. Once your ultrasound result is confirmed, you will speak with one of our nurses who will explain the home abortion by phone process, answer any questions you may have and schedule a phone consultation with our doctor.
    3. During the phone call, the doctor will discuss your decision, ensure you understand the medical abortion process, answer any further questions you may have, gain your consent and ensure that you are aware of the process for follow up.
    4. Following the phone consultation, your Marie Stopes patient pack is delivered to your preferred address within 1-3 business days.

    The pack includes:

    • Your medication, pain medication and nausea medication, if required
    • Your special urine pregnancy test you will use between 14-21 days after your consult to check the treatment has been successful
    • A discharge letter just in case emergency care is required.


    If you have any concerns before, during or following the medical abortion, you can speak to one of our nurses via our 24-hour aftercare service on 1300 888 022.


    Follow up 2-3 weeks after your appointment is essential to make sure the abortion has worked.

    You will be given a special urine pregnancy test to use at home no earlier than 14 days after your treatment. You will also complete a self-assessment to ensure that the abortion has been successful and there are no complications. You will be given an instruction sheet to help with this and information about when to contact us.

    You will have access to our free 24-hour aftercare service at any time.

    If you need further assessment we may refer you for blood tests or an ultrasound, make an appointment for you at one of our clinics, if convenient, or ask you to see your local health practitioner.

    Read more about medical abortion to better understand your options.



    How is my pregnancy calculated?

    You can calculate a gestation estimate by counting the days from the first day of your last period. Because it is challenging to predict when you ovulate, this calculation method only estimates the maximum possible gestation. The confirmed gestation after an ultrasound may provide a different result.

    Is the procedure confidential?

    Your procedure details will not be known to anyone without your consent. We will only call or email you to confirm your booking and ensure you have the information you need to proceed safely with your medical procedure.

    What about future contraception?

    While you wait to see the nurse and doctor, you may wish to consider which long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) method might suit you best. My Best Fit is your contraception advisor and can help you determine what contraceptive solution will work best with your priorities and lifestyle. As part of your time with the nurse, you will also have the opportunity to discuss your contraception options. In addition, you may be able to have a LARC fitted on the day, which can significantly reduce the cost of having one fitted. Ask your customer service advisor when you call to make a booking.

    Do I need a referral from my doctor to get an abortion?

    You do not need a referral to access our services unless you live In Western Australia, where it is compulsory to have a referral from your GP. Your doctor can order a referral pad online or download and print a referral form from our website. If you live in the Midland catchment area and have a Medicare card, your doctor should fill out the WA catchment area referral form.

    What questions will I be asked?

    We will ask medical questions to help determine your eligibility for your choice of termination of pregnancy procedure when you call to make your booking.

    It is essential that you are at least six weeks since your last menstrual period or have a confirmed pregnancy on ultrasound. If pregnancy cannot be seen on ultrasound, you may need to reschedule your appointment.

    You will be asked questions about your medical history to ensure that any risk factors are appropriately managed at your appointment. You will also be asked to consent to the procedure after explaining the process and risks involved.

    How soon can I get pregnant after an abortion?

    There is no lasting contraceptive protection from having an abortion, and you can ovulate as soon as two weeks after the procedure, even if you are still bleeding. Therefore, it is important that you discuss your contraception options at your consult and begin using a reliable contraception method right away.

    When to start taking birth control after an abortion?

    Depending on your preferred method, there are different guidelines about when you can start using each method of contraception.

    Contraceptive pill, implant or injection: Surgical abortion starts on the day of the abortion or within five days after the abortion for injections. Medical abortion begins on the day the medication is taken or within five days for injections.

    IUD / IUS: Surgical abortion can be inserted at the end of the surgical procedure or a follow-up appointment. Medical abortion during your post-medical abortion consults or when you receive confirmation, the termination of pregnancy was successful.

    Vaginal ring: You may insert a vaginal ring the day after your procedure, as it is sterile. However, you must wash your hands thoroughly to avoid the risk of infection while you heal.

    Condoms: When you can safely resume vaginal intercourse.

    Cervical cap, diaphragm: When you can safely resume vaginal intercourse.

    Fertility awareness: Use a backup method until you can be confident your cycle has returned to normal.

    If you have any other questions, please get in touch.