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“The moment we start to share our stories is the moment society’s attitude starts to shift.”

Read what our clients had to say about their experience with MSI


I found out I was pregnant while already having a 12-month-old. My husband and I weren’t ready, mentally or financially, for another child, leading us to choose abortion. I contacted MSI Australia, and after some research, decided on a teleabortion (abortion by telehealth).

The phone consultations were clear, positive, and non-judgmental. However, during the ultrasound, I faced unintentional congratulatory remarks, which made me feel guilt for my decision.

Despite reading negative stories online about medical abortions, my experience was different. I followed MSI’s instructions closely. The initial bleeding was heavy, with clots, but not painful. By evening, it was manageable, and I even went out to dinner. The following days were easier, with bleeding similar to a period. I resumed exercise after a week and felt like myself.

MSI’s support was invaluable. They were always there for questions, offering reassurance. In reflection, I’m grateful for my experience with MSI. Decisions like these are deeply personal, and it’s crucial to remember that only you know what’s right for you.


We faced a challenging decision due to medical issues with our baby. It was an emotionally taxing period for us. Our GP and medical specialists, instead of providing unbiased advice, tried to sway our decision, pushing their beliefs on us to keep the baby. This not only added to our stress but also nearly made us miss the window for a surgical termination.

But, thanks to an amazing midwife who pulled strings for us, calling MSI Australia for a favour, as she could tell how stressed we were and how much a medical abortion would traumatise us.

The MSI building was secure, discreet, welcoming and offered space for couples or a support person. My husband was allowed to be in the waiting room and doctors office with me. When I went to the surgery waiting room, we were separated, but the nurses rang my husband twice to update him throughout the process.

The nurses here made sure patients were comfortable & warm. At no point did we feel judged for our decision to terminate by any of the staff. People come here for all sorts of reasons, and I watched all patients be treated with care & respect.