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MSI Australia celebrates historic abortion law reforms coming into effect in Western Australia

27 Mar, 2024 | Advocacy, Media

Today, MSI Australia, the leading non-profit specialised provider of abortion and contraception care, celebrates a milestone in Western Australia as the historic abortion law reforms officially take effect. 

These reforms, which have been eagerly anticipated, include the decriminalisation of patient access to abortion, extension of the gestational limit for procedures from 20 to 23 weeks, the change of pregnancy options counselling from mandatory to optional, the removal of the need for multiple GP referrals, and the elimination of the panel review process for abortions after 20 weeks’ gestation. 

Greg Johnson, Managing Director of MSI Australia, said the reforms would make it easier for women and pregnant people in Western Australia to access timely abortion care. 

“Today, we celebrate not just a legislative victory but a real move towards abortion equity in Western Australia,” Mr Johnson said.   

“These reforms are a testament to the collective effort of the community, lawmakers, and advocates who believe in the importance of reproductive choice and timely access to care.  

“Western Australians can now access abortion care without having to go through multiple GPs or an archaic and difficult panel review process.  

“The changes better recognise and respect the bodily autonomy of women and pregnant people.” 

Acting Nurse Unit Manager at MSI Perth, Lana Hogan, shared her insights on the practical impact of these reforms.  

“The implementation of these laws will reduce the stress and uncertainty many women and pregnant people face when trying to access timely abortion care,” Ms Hogan said.  

“As an abortion care provider, the ability to offer essential healthcare services without the constraints of outdated laws is wonderful. 

“Our focus can now be on providing compassionate and timely abortion care, ensuring that women and pregnant people have the support and respect they deserve. 

“While we appreciate public funding which supports abortion access for women and pregnant people in select areas of the Perth region, people outside of Perth who experience financial hardship in regional and remote areas, still need financial support to access abortion care. 

Women and pregnant people in Midland seeking publicly funded abortion care will continue to require a referral to access MSI Australia’s services.  

However, private patients no longer need a referral, meaning they can book and access abortion care directly with us without needing to consult with another medical professional first. Additionally, we are currently in discussions with the government to remove the referral requirement for funded services at MSI Perth, among other  changes. 

MSI Australia has provided abortion and contraception care in Western Australia for over 20 years and has a local team of dedicated and specialised doctors, nurses and staff. 

Donate to the Choice Fund to support people experiencing financial hardship or other barriers to abortion and contraception care here. 

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