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MSI Australia welcomes investment in abortion care in New South Wales Budget

22 Sep, 2023 | Advocacy, Equity and access, Media, Uncategorised

MSI Australia, the leading non-profit specialised provider of abortion and contraception care in New South Wales, has commended the NSW Government for its recent budget focus on sexual and reproductive health, and particularly improving access to abortion and contraception care.

Greg Johnson, Managing Director of MSI Australia, said the budget was a positive step forward.

“We are pleased to see that the NSW Government budget and Gender Equality Statement re-affirms that abortion care is treated as a health issue, and provides enhanced funding support for contraception, pregnancy planning and options counselling, abortion care and other sexual and reproductive health services,” he said.

“This is a positive step in reducing the stigma and discrimination associated with abortion and contraception care.

“Last year MSI Australia provided more than 5,000 abortions in New South Wales, supporting people all over the state.

“We want to work collaboratively with the NSW Government to ensure women and pregnant people do not face high out of pocket costs to access abortion and contraception services, particularly for those in financial distress or escaping family violence.

“Abortion and contraception is healthcare and should be funded appropriately – just like other health services.

“MSI Australia has funding agreements with Health departments and local services in Queensland, Western Australia and the ACT to support free access to abortion care.

“They recognise that the public hospital and health systems cannot and do not provide such access in many places. 

“We encourage the NSW Government to provide similar support.”

Dr Philip Goldstone, Medical Director at MSI Australia, said women and pregnant people were being forced to cross state borders to receive care.

“It’s not uncommon for women and pregnant people on the NSW North Coast to travel to our clinics in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast to receive care because there are no accessible services in the region,” he said. 

“The $34.3 million boost to support 20 Women’s Health Centres is a clear demonstration of the government’s commitment to improving women’s health.

“This funding recognises the vital role they play in filling gaps in the broader health system but more investment will be needed.”

The NSW Government’s Gender Equality Statement can be read here.

MSI Australia has provided abortion and contraception care in New South Wales for 14 years and has a local team of dedicated and specialised doctors, nurses and staff.

Donate to the Choice Fund to support people experiencing financial hardship or other barriers to abortion and contraception care here.

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