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MSI Australia celebrates the introduction of universal abortion care in the ACT 

20 Apr, 2023 | Advocacy, For doctors, Media

The commencement of universal abortion access in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) marks a significant milestone in reproductive health rights and equity in Australia.  

The initiative ensures that abortion care is accessible and free to everyone in the ACT, regardless of their financial circumstances. 

Medical Director Philip Goldstone said MSI Australia is proud to partner with the ACT Government to deliver services to all people. 

“We are thrilled that the ACT has taken this monumental step towards universal abortion access,” he said.  

“This bold move sends a powerful message about the importance of reproductive rights and the commitment to making essential healthcare services available to all, including those on temporary visas. 

“The introduction of universal abortion access in the ACT will  alleviate the financial burden that many people face when seeking abortion care.  

“The ACT is also funding free access to contraception at the time of abortion.  

“We believe this will lead to improved health outcomes and greater autonomy for women and pregnant people in the ACT.” 

MSI Canberra Clinic Nurse Unit Manager Melissa Ryan said she was elated to be able to lead the team responsible for delivering surgical abortion care to 2026.  

“I’m excited to be part of the team delivering free abortion care for people in the ACT,” she said.  

“Abortion care is basic healthcare and it is wonderful that the ACT has stepped up and become the first jurisdiction in Australia to fund free access to abortion care.”  

“We regularly see people who are struggling to pay for the cost of abortion care and this will make such a huge difference to the lives of countless people.  

“It means women and pregnant people in the ACT can make an informed decision without having to worry about the financial burden it will have.  

“It is brilliant that the ACT Government is funding the workforce to include people on temporary visas as well.  

“I’m really excited to see the reaction from the people we care for when they realise there is no out of pocket costs to access abortion care in the ACT.”  

MSI Australia is contracted to provide surgical abortions to 2026. Initially MSI Australia is contracted to provide medical abortion in clinic, medical abortion via telehealth and LARCs while negotiations continue  to expand the scheme to other providers in the near future.   

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