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HomeMSI Australia congratulates the incoming NSW Government led by Premier Chris Minns

MSI Australia congratulates the incoming NSW Government led by Premier Chris Minns

28 Mar, 2023 | Advocacy, Media

MSI Australia welcomes the incoming New South Wales Government led by Premier Chris Minns.  

MSI Australia is the only national non-profit provider of sexual and reproductive health services in Australia, including abortion, contraception, and vasectomy, with three clinics located in New South Wales and telehealth services throughout the state. 

Managing Director Jamal Hakim congratulated NSW Premier Chris Minns on his victory over the weekend.  

“I would like to extend a warm welcome to Premier Chris Minns and the new NSW Government,” he said. 

“During opposition and the campaign, his team showed a strong willingness to engage with the community and listen to their concerns.  

“We appreciate the new government’s commitment to addressing healthcare issues in New South Wales. 

“We acknowledge their commitment to invest in women’s health centres, as outlined in their policy announcement.  

“We work closely with Women’s Health NSW and this funding is significant step demonstrates a genuine dedication to addressing the unique healthcare needs of women across the state. 

“We are optimistic that this collaborative approach will continue as they work to implement reforms that prioritise the well-being and rights of all individuals in NSW, particularly in the area of sexual and reproductive health. 

“Abortion provision is severely underfunded in the state, with women and pregnant people seeking financial assistance through our Choice Fund on average three times per week.  

“We are hopeful that the new government will invest in provision of abortion care and are keen to work with them on the gaps that currently exist within NSW. 

“We acknowledge the progress made in recent years, particularly the decriminalisation of abortion in NSW in 2019, but ongoing challenges and disparities remain in terms of accessing to sexual and reproductive healthcare services.” 

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For further information contact Anna Jabour on 0428 396 391.

MSI Australia is the only national not-for-profit provider of sexual and reproductive health services including permanent and long-acting reversible contraception and abortion care. For more information on our clinic network visit