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MSI Australia Wins Quality Improvement Award

29 Nov, 2018 | Media

MSI Australia has been recognised by the Australian Council of Health Care Standards (ACHS) for its outstanding work with consumers to improve the patient experience.

The award recognises MSI Australia’s work engaging consumers in workforce training, co-design of services and facilities, and advocacy campaigns and media. It also recognises the organisation’s transparency in reporting safety and quality outcomes publicly, and its comprehensive patient feedback program.

“Whether a patient is coming to see us for an abortion, a vasectomy, contraception or for some other reproductive health service, every one of them deserves safe, high quality and transparent care”, Ms Thompson says

“Over the past two years we have focused on listening to our patients, involving them in our operations, creating opportunities for them to give us feedback and participate in the planning of services. Most importantly we have acted on their feedback.”

The award recognises the work that MSI Australia has done to improve the patient experience across the organisation’s 14 Australian clinics. This work includes:

  • Increasing the patient satisfaction rate from 89 percent in 2017 to 92 percent in 2018;
  • Incorporating Google review feedback into the formal complaints process so all feedback is logged and actioned;
  • Development of a patient-centred care model based on the work of the NSW Clinical Excellence Commission so all staff members are responsible for ‘patient-centred care’;
  • The implementation of five consumer-driven advocacy campaigns, one of which has resulted in the publication of a White Paper on the issue of Reproductive Coercion;
  • Co-design of services and facilities including redevelopment works for the MSI Australia Westmead clinic;
  • The commencement of an international co-operative research program with the Australian National University to explore ‘What Women Want in Abortion Care.

“Every one of our 270 staff members across Australia has contributed to the quality improvements we have seen across the MSI Australia network. Providing high quality, compassionate care is what drives each of us every day so we are thrilled to be acknowledged by this award.”

In 2017 MSI Australia received 7 met with merit ratings as part of its accreditation under the National Safety and Quality Health Service standards. The ratings were awarded for excellence in clinical governance, partnering with consumers, appropriate and effective care and strategic and operational planning.