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HomeQueensland Parliament passes legislation allowing nurses and midwives to prescribe abortion pills

Queensland Parliament passes legislation allowing nurses and midwives to prescribe abortion pills

8 Mar, 2024 | Equity and access, Media

In a huge win for reproductive rights, Queensland Parliament has passed a law allowing nurses and midwives to prescribe abortion pills.

This decision marks a pivotal shift towards more inclusive, accessible, and compassionate abortion care for Queenslanders.

“Today marks a historic moment for abortion access in Queensland,” states Greg Johnson, Managing Director of MSI Australia.

“By enabling nurses and midwives to prescribe medical abortion pills, we are breaking down barriers to essential healthcare services.

“This legislation and the subsequent training program will mean that more women and pregnant people can access safe and timely abortion care, regardless of their postcode.

“Earlier this week, $41 million was announced specifically for termination of pregnancy care. We anticipate that this funding will make services more affordable and accessible throughout the state and look forward to learning more about its implementation.”

Dr. Catriona Melville, Director of Clinical Excellence at MSI Australia, praised the legislation for its potential to transform abortion care.

“Expanding the scope of practice for nurses and midwives to include the prescribing of medical abortion pills is a game-changer,” she says.

“It also enhances the quality of care for those seeking abortion services by making it more accessible and reducing stigma.”

“We expected this change to improve access to abortion services, especially in rural and remote areas, where doctors are scarce, and services are often limited.

“At MSI Australia, we look forward to supporting nurses and midwives through training and resources to ensure the safe and effective implementation of this new scope of practice.

“We will continue to work alongside the Queensland Government to navigate this positive shift in the provision of abortion care.

“The shift to non-gendered language is welcome, we have been using the terminology women and pregnant people for many years and support the inclusivity this move brings.

MSI Australia is the country’s leading specialised non-profit advocate and provider of abortion and contraception services.

MSI has a Choice Fund to provide support for people experiencing financial hardship or other barriers to abortion and contraception care. Each year we support hundreds of very disadvantaged people in the community to gain access to care. You can donate here.

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