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TGA decision improving access to abortion care for all Australians welcomed

11 Jul, 2023 | Advocacy, Equity and access, Media, Reproductive coercion

MSI Australia welcomes the decision by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to remove a number of restrictions on health professionals who prescribe and dispense abortion medicines for safe, quality medical abortion.

Managing Director, Greg Johnson said the decision would improve abortion access for women and pregnant people throughout Australia.

“Many of the restrictions on prescribing and dispensing abortion medicines were put in place a long time ago when it was first registered for use,” he said.  

“We now have over 10 years’ experience in Australia showing that medical abortion is very safe and effective and does not warrant these restrictions which created unnecessary obstacles for people seeking to access vital healthcare.”

Previously, medical practitioners were required to register and be certified to prescribe abortion medicines and pharmacists had to register to dispense. These restrictions meant that only around 10% of general practitioners in Australia had been certified as medical abortion prescribers.

The TGA decision also creates opportunities for other health practitioners to prescribe abortion medicines. Along with PBS changes and action from States and Territories this change will enable other health practitioners, such as nurse practitioners, to prescribe medical abortion.

“Of course, MSI Australia as the nation’s leading non-profit provider of abortion and contraception care looks forward to providing education, training and support for general practitioners and other health practitioners who want to play a greater role in the provision of sexual and reproductive healthcare across Australia” said Mr Johnson.

The TGA’s decision aligns Australia with comparable countries such as Canada and will improve access to this essential healthcare for people seeking a medical abortion.

The Australian Abortion Access Scorecard can be viewed here. View a summary of State and Territory abortion laws here

Donate to the Choice Fund to support people experiencing financial hardship or other barriers to abortion and contraception care here.

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