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HomeVasectomy under 30 years

HomeVasectomy under 30 years

Vasectomy under 30yrs

We respect your reasons for seeking a vasectomy. The intent of this mandatory session is to ensure you are fully informed about what is involved. A Social Worker will discuss with you permanency and reversibility, check in with you about alternatives to vasectomy, and talk through possible psychosocial impacts of the decision.

After the session, a brief report is sent within 3 business days to the doctor at your preferred clinic for review. If the referral is accepted, the clinic will organise a booking

If the doctor declines the referral, before you are contacted the decision will be reviewed by the National Director – Vasectomy Services. If needed, details of an alternative vasectomy provider will be offered to you.

You can book a Vasectomy counselling session here.

If you would like medical advice regarding a vasectomy, please book a Vasectomy Pre-assessment Nurse Chat.

Learn more about our Vasectomy services here.