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MSI Australia congratulates Western Australia on historic abortion law reforms

21 Sep, 2023 | Advocacy, Equity and access, Media

MSI Australia, the leading non-profit specialised provider of abortion and contraception care in Western Australia, has welcomed the passage of groundbreaking abortion law reforms through the Western Australian State Parliament.

This historic moment comes after extensive community engagement culminating in a resounding “yes” vote that signifies a pivotal moment for sexual and reproductive healthcare in the state.

The legislative reforms have importantly removed abortion from the criminal code, extended the gestational time limit for procedures from 20 to 23 weeks, made counselling optional rather than mandatory, eliminated the requirement for multiple GP referrals, and abolished the opaque panel review process for abortions after 20 weeks gestation.

Greg Johnson, Managing Director of MSI Australia. said the changes represent a landmark change for abortion access in WA.

“We congratulate all of the legislators in the WA Parliament, and all of the WA people who have advocated tirelessly for these changes,” Mr Johnson said.

“These legislative reforms make it clear that reproductive choice, and access to abortion care, should be just as accessible and affordable to Western Australians as any other form of healthcare.

“By extending the gestational limit and dismantling unnecessary administrative hurdles, WA has taken a significant step forward in ensuring timely access to abortion care.”

Emma Walraven, Nurse Unit Manager at MSI Perth, reflects on the impact of the reforms.

“As a nurse working closely with people seeking abortion care, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges posed by restrictive laws,” she said.

“The legislative changes are wonderful and will bring a great sense of relief for people who need to access our services and care.

“These reforms will streamline the process, allowing people to make informed decisions about their reproductive health without unnecessary delays and hurdles.

“We can now focus on delivering compassionate care without the stigma and burden of obsolete legal barriers.”

The successful passage of these reforms through the Western Australian Parliament marks a historic moment for the state and the nation, reinforcing the principles of choice and access to safe abortion care.

Read the media release from WA Government here.

MSI Australia has provided abortion and contraception care in Western Australia for over 20 years and has a local team of dedicated and specialised doctors, nurses and staff.

Donate to the Choice Fund to support people experiencing financial hardship or other barriers to abortion and contraception care here.

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