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Your guide to a no-regrets schoolies

8 Nov, 2017 | Uncategorised

If we’re talking rites of passage, schoolies is pretty hard to beat. Sun, sand and surf surrounded by your best mates, beats and beautiful strangers; what could go wrong? Well, ideally nothing. If you remember to follow the No-Regrets Schoolies Guide you’re guaranteed to turn your good times into great memories.

Yeah, yeah, we’re talking about the serious stuff. But before you tune out completely it’s worth pointing out that 60 seconds thinking about this could save you years of face-palming thanks to a potentially glorious but fleeting 15 second encounter.

So here they are, the three things you need to know, delivered to you in under 60 seconds. Yeah, it’s totally like the movie Gone in 60 Seconds…watch it…

In case you missed it, here are the three C’s and, no, we’re not being rude:

Consent – If someone is too drunk, drugged, or otherwise distracted to let you know how psyched they are to be with you, then they’re not consenting. So make sure you’re only hooking up with people who are super into you; this way you know they’re consenting because they’re actively telling you they are! You’re going to have a WAY better time if you’re with someone who really wants to be with you, rather than with someone who seems out of it, disinterested, or just lays there like a starfish.

Contraception – It can be hard to remember to take the pill when you’re in a tropical paradise. If you’re worried about remembering to take the pill, maybe consider getting a contraceptive injection. It’s basically the same thing, but it lasts for 12 weeks and you don’t have to take any tablets! This way you’re not going to wake up in the middle of the week in a cold sweat realising you’ve missed the last three days and will soon have a surprise period!

Caution – Remember that condoms are the ONLY thing between you and an STI. They’re literally your last line of defence. And even if everything down there looks great, the majority of STIs can be asymptomatic. That means you won’t be able to see anything suss on a person who’s infected. An STI is the gift that keeps on giving long after schoolies is over; some of them can last a lifetime with long periods where sex is painful or impossible. Probs not worth the risk, right? So put a condom on and you don’t have to spend the rest of the week worrying about whether that weird itch is an STI or it’s just your pubes caught in your bathers again.

Lastly, avoid drinks that haven’t been opened or poured in front of you; this way you can avoid having your drink spiked or puking when someone tries to slip you a shot of something revolting that was probably home brewed in an old sock.

Remember these three things and your schoolies experience will be nothing but good times and great memories; no regrets!

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